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ever side the filler hose is positioned on the gas pump icon, that will be the side the gas cap is on. The newer cars have a small arrow beside the gas pump icon which indicates which side the gas cap is on.

Are your lights flickering?
Do you have an outlet that doesn't work?
Or maybe you need a new light fixture, ceiling fan or power panel installed...

Now, you're wondering if you should call Thomas Edison Electric or someone else. Here is why Thomas Edison Electric is different ...

Our "White Shirt Policy":
When was the last time you opened your front door to an electrician, plumber or any other service contractor who was clean-cut, freshly shaven and wearing black pants topped by a white shirt?. Our White Shirt Policy.

We will be there when you need us:
When you call us, your call is answered by a Customer Care Professional. We know that delivering a high standard of customer service is a vital part to any organization. That’s why we begin solving your problem with our customer care professional. She will remove your fears and assure you you’ve made a wise decision.

We know you're busy ... your time is valuable. Having to wait on us or any other service contractor simply isn't acceptable. That's why when you call us we schedule a time that is convenient for you. A customer care representative will call you 30 minutes before the appointment to let you know the tech is on his way.

"Red Carpet" Treatment:
Red Carpet Treatment is what you get when a Thomas Edison Electric Certified Service Electrician comes to your home to solve your electrical problem.

No Surprise Pricing
Thomas Edison Electric believes it's your "right" to know exactly how much an electrical repair or installation will cost before the project begins. That's why we have "No Surprise Pricing."

Specialists At Saving You Time:
Thomas Edison Electric team saves you time while they solve your electrical problems.

Our Service Electricians
are experienced, trained and highly knowledgeable ... as well as friendly, clean and trustworthy.

Moreover, Thomas Edison Electric is locally owned and operated by people who live in your community.

A Back-Up Generator:
What do you do when bad weather hits and your power goes out? Ice, wind, blizzards, electrical storms, even hurricanes can leave your neighborhood in a total "black out." Learn how to be the one house on the block with lights, appliances, even air conditioning or heating still running.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or It's Free ... No Questions Asked:
There is nothing more important to us than your complete satisfaction with our Service Electrician, the quality of our work, and the manner in which we solve your problem. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

What You Should Know Before Calling Any Electrician:
The 5 frustrating things 99.9% of all electricians do that drive homeowners crazy and how Thomas Edison Electric solves them.