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Electricians rarely get emergency calls. If you've got sparks coming from an outlet or a fire in your attic, you don't call Thomas Edison Electric. You call 911. And you should. So, when we do get calls from homeowners, it normally isn't to deal with a life-or-death emergency situation. Instead, it's more likely you're suffering from one of these seven annoying problems:

  1. "My neighbor (or hubby or partner) tried doing it for me." My apologies to the fellows reading this but ... a HUGE piece of our business has to do with finishing the projects you start. From outlets to ceiling fans ... chandeliers to hot tubs. We really don't mind, although it would be easier (and most likely cheaper) if you'd call us first. We have the tools, experience, and know-how. Call for an appointment now.
  2. "I need a ceiling fan or chandelier installed." We install lighting fixtures inside and out, fans of all types, outlets in any room of your home, dimmer switches and more. We guarantee our work meets all city codes. Plus, we use only copper wiring. Make an appointment now.
  3. "The breaker won't stay reset." If your breaker keeps tripping, you have a potentially dangerous problem involving your home's circuitry. We're experienced at finding the source of your problem and solving it. Call for an appointment.
  4. Ugly internet or TV cable stapled to your baseboards. (instead of hidden inside the wall). Let's face it ... "snaking" wire through walls is an art, a science, and a very special skill few electricians, cable guys or Internet technicians have. But you're in luck when you call us. We're specialists at running hidden circuitry.
  5. Something smells scorched ... and it's not breakfast. Over-heated appliances and electrical circuits are a problem you don't want to ignore. A call to us now may save you a 911 call later.
  6. "My energy costs are through the roof and it's causing a lot of stress in my life." The trained HVAC technicians at Thomas Edison Electric can help eliminate some of your stress caused by your energy costs by installing a Ductless Mini-Split Heating and Cooling System. We have various brands to meet your needs and budget. Schedule an appointment for your FREE EVALUATION NOW.
  7. I hate hearing news about an upcoming storm and the fear of losing power." Food could spoil, much needed medication may need refrigeration, no water for cleaning and flushing, too much water in the basement because the sump pump won't run. These are just some of the concerns when power is lost. Be worry free and have lights and power 24/7 no matter what the weather by getting Thomas Edison Electric to install a Standby Power Generator for your home or business. Schedule an appointment today for your FREE EVALUATION.