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Kids Zone

Fall Colouring Sheet

My Autumn Sketchbook

Litter Bug

Make Bathtub Paint

Make a Button Bracelet

Make a Milk Carton Bird House

Marble Paper

Make Your Own Computer Costume!

Create Changing Leaves Scratch Art

Plastic Soap Dish

Make a Sand Castle You Can Keep!

Juice Box Police Radio

How to Make a Kazoo

Orange Bird Feeder

Bottle Race Car

Shoebox Guitar

Build a Film Canister Rocket

Bouncy Ball

Build A Soap Powered Boat

Make Your Own Rainstick

Paper Plate Tambourine

Paint With Ice


Energy Smart House for Kids

Safety Dangers

Electric Cornstarch

Ice Tray Battery

Static Flyer - The Flying Bag

How To Power Light with Static Electricity

Kids Colouring Book

Top Rules for Electrical Safety

Fruit Power

Cup Speaker Experiment

Flying Tinsel Experiment